VIDEO: Feature of the Month (4/24)

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0:00 Hello, my name is Cole and I want to walk you through our feature of the month, which for April is our onboarding flows.

0:09 The flows are designed to be simple but powerful and make onboarding your renters easier than ever before. So, let's take a look.

0:18 You access them by clicking on Management, Flows, and then you'll see a list here with all your different offerings. Right now, each offering has its own onboarding flow attached to it, so you'll want to click on.

0:32 the offering you want to build the flow for. From there, you'll see the flow builder, and there's a couple things we've populated in already, like a welcome message, a payment information step, and a completed message, but all these main steps are yours to build out and play with.0:49 You do that by adding different widgets, like form fields, selections, schedules, documents, and a couple other things that are forthcoming as well.

1:01 Once you add them, you can ask for information from your different renters, ask them to upload documents, sign documents, and basically get all the information you need.

1:13 to feel comfortable letting them into your kitchen. Once they've done that, they can enter in their payment information and the and you can add a completed message as well.

1:23 It's really simple. And how this looks from the guest perspective depends on how you add a guest. There are two different ways to add guests in Virtual Fork, either manually or via flow.

1:35 If you add a guest manually, all those different steps become tasks that the guest can complete at whatever time, or if you add them via flow, the guest needs to complete all of those steps before making reservations in your kitchen space.

1:49 So let's try via Flow. add the guest email, select the offering, company name, send the invite. guest will receive a sign-in email and once they do that, see all the information.

2:09 and steps that you populated along with your branding up here at the top. So that's Flows. We're excited to see how you guys use it to make onboarding renters even easier into your business.