Introduction to Virtual Fork

Introduction to Virtual Fork

What is Virtual Fork? If you’re on our blog you may already know, but we’re an all-in-one management tool for shared kitchens, commissaries, and ghost kitchens.

Here’s a breakdown of what features we offer to our customers:


Kitchen Management

Manage your available spaces, equipment, and services in the kitchen. Create clarity for you and your guests around what’s available. You can customize your kitchen set up and add photos, rates, and other details about each space. With our tools, you are also able to track guest usage with customizable kitchen analytics.

In this modal, we also offer custom support for how you bill your guests. With Virtual Fork, you can bill by hour, shift, membership and more!


Guest Onboarding

We offer customizable tools for onboarding guests and getting them into your space. You can manage how guests find your kitchen offerings, move easily through your onboarding steps, and become recurring renters in yourspace.

Our landing page tool is fully customizable and can integrate with your existing website. With this, renters will be able to see your offerings and pricings and start moving through the onboarding steps you’ve built with our flow builder and CRM tools. Altogether, you can manage guests at every step in your pipeline. No more chasing them down for documents!



We know that tracking renters can be difficult, so that’s why we’ve built tools for checking in and out of spaces, ensuring cleanliness, requesting maintenance, and reporting incidents. Even better, all these tools are available from your guest’s phone.

As a manager, you can see photos of spaces, equipment, or other inventory after each guest use, and access your maintenance ticketing system to track what needs attention and share work orders. Through this feature set, you’ll be able to find all guest communications in one spot instead of through email or text.


Reservations &Scheduling

Virtual Fork offers easy and granular scheduling for each rentable asset in your kitchen. Build custom permissions based on what works best for your kitchen and guests. Our tools are so specific, you can schedule down to each individual burner if you would like.

You can See availability across different spaces, equipment, orlocation and create specific permissions for recurring reservations, one-off bookings,or other special events.


Payments &Billing

Our payments system works with you bill your renters. Automatically generate invoices based on guest usage, then process payments without having to change systems. It’s just that easy.

With Virtual Fork you’ll:

·      Never have to chase down guests to make payments.

·      Create invoices instantly with line-item breakdowns for each guest.

·      Be able to integrate with your existing accounting software.



Our analytics suite will help you take control of the financial operations of your kitchen. You can see more insights into your kitchen operations and how that impacts your bottom line with customization and flexibility built in.

On our platform, you’ll be able to access your operations dashboard with analytics breakdowns of your offerings, kitchen types, and renters. You can see utilization scores across different locations, kitchens, & hours, insights into your revenue and operations, and receive suggested actions on how to increase your bottom line