State of the restaurant industry in 2024

We've seen a lot of articles lately about the "state of the restaurant industry in 2024", so we wanted to share some of our favorite insights that might be most applicable to shared kitchen owners and operators.

"Workplace catering will remain a critical channel for restaurants to boost their revenue, and we expect to see restaurants focus on providing a greater variety of catering options, like offering more single-serve or handheld items that give people the flexibility to eat their lunch with their teams or grab and go as needed."

- Giliah Librach (EzCater)

"As consumers continue to prioritize convenience, we believe the expectations that restaurants offer an accessible and seamless experience will continue to rise, particularly in the fast-casual category."

- Garrett Kern (Portillos)

After a hard sprint of tech adoption through the pandemic, restaurants will start to revisit their “tech stacks” to see what really makes sense, what is not needed, what should be combined, and where opportunities exist to get leaner.

- Meredith Sandland (Empower Delivery)

“Over the coming years, we can expect technology to play an increasingly pivotal role in the restaurant industry. The likelihood is that the existing technology will continue to improve, becoming even more seamless, including contactless solutions, AI, automation, enhanced data analytics, and improved software integrations.”

- Corin Camenisch (SumUp)

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