3 Insights about Shared Kitchen Managers

It's true that no two shared kitchen businesses are exactly alike, but are there any similarities at all? Turns out, yes! Before Virtual Fork launched, we talked with 100+ shared kitchen owners/operators to learn about them and their businesses. Here are three takaways from these conversations:

1. The majority of kitchen owners we talked with listed "growth" as their main objective. This is not just an empty ambition; hosts with a growth mindset have, on average, 2.2 times more renters per location than those with other objectives.

2. Customers whom we would consider "early adopters" don't show a consistent pattern in the size of their business. However, these "early adopters" can typically host more renters in their kitchens at a time than the non-early adopter customers.

3. Kitchen managers who describe themselves as "tech proficient" use 4.4 apps on average to manage their operations. Tech-savvy kitchen managers are also more likely to have growth aspirations and manage 2.4 times more kitchen locations than their non-savvy peers.This is just a snippet of the data we collected from kitchen managers over the past few months. Excited to take their other feedback and incorporate it into the awesome product we're building for them!